To answer my own question, apparently Amy Castor is sharing a bunch of poorly-researched articles about said Tether FUD on twitter.

Everything's a great article as long as it agrees with your ideas

Oh no, Crypto Anonymous! Tell me more about this menace to society!!!

Basically CA says "Oh look! Coinbase Pro makes transactions with USD! But Binance, Bit-Z, and HitBTC.... USE TETHER" GASP

Who wants to break the news to them that those exchanges don't support bank deposits, only directly depositing cryptocurrencies? So the only way to use USD there IS to use Tether?


They then show the blue line on this chart, saying over time that they began printing en masse after the New York OAG began investigating them, and saying the "printing" correlated with price increases to BTC. Really only proving that they have no idea how stable coins work at all

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In summary, HFSP Amy. HFSP Crypto Anonymous. HFSP anyone else who believes this FUD. Even if Tether somehow ceased to exist tomorrow and 100% of Tether was backed directly by BTC, since bitcoin's cap is 600 billion and Tether's is 25 Billion, we MIGHT see another 5% dip. Maybe.

Enough for me to scoop some more up cheap before we go to the moon.

Also, he also tells a story about his friend "Bob" in the article but it honestly was hard for me to follow its relevance to the article at all

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