Imagine this: The year is 2014. You’re Satoshi. You created bitcoin 5 years ago and got it running. I’ll say for the sake of argument, you’re still alive at this time which is disputed.

How do you both ensure you never had an unfair advantage and effectively disappear from the face of the planet?

You format your hard drive, destroy your backups, and move on with your life, maybe even staying a key figure in bitcoin in another capacity.

This is exactly what I think happened, the person acting as the voice of Satoshi online (tinfoil: Nick Szabo) and the others working on bitcoin (tinfoil: Adam Back, Dorian Nakamoto, Hal), who are collectively the entity we know as “Satoshi Nakamoto”, destroyed everything having to do with the early years of bitcoin after escape velocity was achieved, destroying Satoshi’s wallets, PGP keys and identity along with it

Satoshi is dead, but bitcoin’s creators are alive and well

@seab30 honestly Dorian is one of the more fringe parts of the theory but imo, too many freudian slips for him to not be involved in some way

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