DAAAAAAAAAMN Tesla is out here stacking bitcoin while we’re stacking sats

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This is just what everyone in our fed feed is talking about

I see this as a win

If only there was a way to determine numbers of things based on related numbers

Or read about how the code works so I could have known there was a way I could know how many coins would be minted, how often, for how long... preferably, before Coppola made a fool out of us all...

Sometimes I wonder about the kind of funhouse these nocoiners live in

BREAKING NEWS: CSW’s socials have been hijacked by Shadow the Hedgehog

They then show the blue line on this chart, saying over time that they began printing en masse after the New York OAG began investigating them, and saying the "printing" correlated with price increases to BTC. Really only proving that they have no idea how stable coins work at all


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Basically CA says "Oh look! Coinbase Pro makes transactions with USD! But Binance, Bit-Z, and HitBTC.... USE TETHER" GASP

Who wants to break the news to them that those exchanges don't support bank deposits, only directly depositing cryptocurrencies? So the only way to use USD there IS to use Tether?

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