If you want to use a currency that has infinite supply, stick with the dollar.

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Ether was created to pay to use the computers on the Ethereum Network

No one, and I mean no one, will want to accept it as money


a painful lesson, but I bet they'll only have to learn it once


believe it or not i stilll have newcoiners almost panic selling to buy in lower

dont sell your blood, sweat and tear-covered bitcoin to wall street this dip

rescue more



Your fortnightly reminder that CSW is a fraud and SV needs to be delisted

If your looking for actual bitcoiners who aren't just cross posting from bird site give these folks a follow.
These are some of my favorite follows. (no particular order)

Have I missed any please let me know.


@Full_node I know! Definitely not selling anytime soon. Just one of many double standards from the US Gov

If the government actually sees bitcoin as a currency, they need to stop making us pay capital gains tax on it

They don’t charge capital gains on forex

Letting companies custody your crypto is like leaving a fat box of cash on a counter at a stranger’s house and making them promise to leave it all there and not take any

Bets on how many babies named “Satoshi” will be born in 2022?

Be very careful.

Big corporations WILL take advantage of people not knowing how bitcoin works to make the system work in their favor. PayPal is already doing it by making you sell your bitcoin to them for government money.

People who know how the system works need to call them out on it relentlessly.

I saw someone unironically ask if Tesla is going to buy ETH next

Tesla isn’t in the business of day trading shitcoins on Uniswap

Tesla, as a publicly traded company, is in the business of not losing money

Bitcoin fixes this

DAAAAAAAAAMN Tesla is out here stacking bitcoin while we’re stacking sats

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