The only thing I learned from Coinbase’s Learning thing is that all “crypto” is just trying to do 1 thing that bitcoin does better and ignore everything else

Historical #BTC prices for May 6th

2021 - $57256
2020 - $9208
2019 - $5663
2018 - $9597
2017 - $1546
2016 - $452
2015 - $230
2014 - $431
2013 - $117
2012 - $5
2011 - $3.48

So many people are going to get rekt by over complicating their lives and not just buying bitcoin

They’re laughing now, but I don’t want to see them get rekt

Sup Mastodon

so im gonna hang out here for a while

dont ask what for and I won't have to lie

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @Full_node

Pest control is very important though. I assure you everyone appreciates it!

I try to be active as much as I can. Socials have taken a backseat to real life shit lately. Thanks for the shout regardless

If you’re gonna let the rich tell you how your money works, why not just use fiat?

All it may take is the #2 coin becoming #3 for a while for everyone to start piling into BTC.


I try not to post badly about things I don’t know about for fear of being “the Peter Schiff of” whatever

But the number of people shilling their 3 month old shitcoins on the other site with a bird logo?


If you want to use a currency that has infinite supply, stick with the dollar.

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Ether was created to pay to use the computers on the Ethereum Network

No one, and I mean no one, will want to accept it as money


a painful lesson, but I bet they'll only have to learn it once


believe it or not i stilll have newcoiners almost panic selling to buy in lower

dont sell your blood, sweat and tear-covered bitcoin to wall street this dip

rescue more



Your fortnightly reminder that CSW is a fraud and SV needs to be delisted

If your looking for actual bitcoiners who aren't just cross posting from bird site give these folks a follow.
These are some of my favorite follows. (no particular order)

Have I missed any please let me know.


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