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They print trillions out of thin air to pump *their* stocks.

They halt trading when *your* stocks go up.

Don't play stupid games, buy #bitcoin and bankrupt them. Bitcoin restores free markets by removing politics from markets and making it costly to deny business ("deplatform").

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2008: Too big to fail

2021: Too small to win

mark my words - all of WSB will be bitcoiners when all this is over

Working on and setting up this LN node has kinda sent me down the rabbit hole of the lightning network

I need more nodes

So when a hedge fund reks a bunch of plebs for billions they're geniuses & get pats on the back but when a bunch of plebs rek a hedge fund for billions it's dangerous and rude? GTFOH. The double standards and hypocrisy in our society is becoming ever more obvious every day.

Fees are lower, eh?

Time to open some lightning channels ⚡

If you care about the environment stop using USD / CAD / GOLD / etc

#Bitcoin price it's energy use very efficiently, it also doesn't need buildings full of ppl, commuting, standing armies and other polluting logistics

Bitcoin is the most green money ever invented!

These aren't moderated or approved by me.

This is just what everyone in our fed feed is talking about

I see this as a win

Funnily enough this is also something my (I feel they are pre-coiner) parents brought up as I discussed bitcoin with them over the weekend

“How do we know they won’t decide to make more coins later??? 21 million coins isn’t even enough for everyone to have one!!! Of course they’ll print more!”


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If only there was a way to determine numbers of things based on related numbers

Or read about how the code works so I could have known there was a way I could know how many coins would be minted, how often, for how long... preferably, before Coppola made a fool out of us all...

Sometimes I wonder about the kind of funhouse these nocoiners live in

I’ll believe this when I see it. If what he is doing with Bluesky is actually decentralized, not only will it be futile to deplatform people, he would be removing everyone’s ability to do so - and he’s already demonstrated he feels a responsibility to deplatform people, at least in certain situations. Good to see he is getting help from a few Mastodon devs though.

My guess is that our idea of decentralized is “no central authority” and his idea of decentralized is “distributed”, meaning he still hodls moderation power but pays less in server and maintenance costs

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The only reason Jack wouldn’t join an existing decentralized network, and creates his own instead would be that his idea of decentralized isn’t actually everyone else’s idea of decentralized

Historical #BTC prices for Jan 25th

2021 - $33090
2020 - $8322
2019 - $3551
2018 - $11288
2017 - $894
2016 - $395
2015 - $246
2014 - $817
2013 - $17
2012 - $6
2011 - $0.42

The fact that most clocks with Roman numerals have “IIII” and not “IV” for the 4 position bothers me

My parents said that bitcoin will eventually “print” more than 21 million.

It’s still VERY, very early.

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