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DAAAAAAAAAMN Tesla is out here stacking bitcoin while we’re stacking sats

Remember when the price wouldn’t go over 12k? Now it’s fluctuating by half of that in a day.

And by the way no, I can’t wait to go and pay a king’s ransom in short term cap gains tax

Thanks Obama

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Broke - Buying more GME to sell higher

Woke - Buying more GME to buy more bitcoin

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Retweet if you front-ran the world's richest man into #Bitcoin

Now matter where the Reddit rebellion goes next, Nokia, silver, gold, it’ll end in Bitcoin. It’s the ultimate short against a corrupt system

Does anyone have Sphinx Chat?


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I'm riding it to Zero.
But I'll bet the zero won't be on this side of the ledger.

Thoughts and prayers to literally anyone who is going to try and get me to do anything except watch the BTC price chart all day

Don't try and tell me Elon isn't straight up turning into Lex Luthor on us all

They print trillions out of thin air to pump *their* stocks.

They halt trading when *your* stocks go up.

Don't play stupid games, buy #bitcoin and bankrupt them. Bitcoin restores free markets by removing politics from markets and making it costly to deny business ("deplatform").

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2008: Too big to fail

2021: Too small to win

mark my words - all of WSB will be bitcoiners when all this is over

Working on and setting up this LN node has kinda sent me down the rabbit hole of the lightning network

I need more nodes

So when a hedge fund reks a bunch of plebs for billions they're geniuses & get pats on the back but when a bunch of plebs rek a hedge fund for billions it's dangerous and rude? GTFOH. The double standards and hypocrisy in our society is becoming ever more obvious every day.

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